Violence against women: causes and consequences

Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Hashoush - Assist. Lecturer. Zainab Hashem Jryan

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Whatever the causes, the phenomenon of violence against women remains one of the most important problems faced by human societies. Violence is a multi-faceted phenomenon that requires concerted efforts and work on cultural, social, economic and legislative levels in an integrated manner to overcome this phenomenon.

Where the researcher dealt with the subject of violence against women, which began to resonate in Iraq after the cultural openness witnessed by this country in recent years, and because of women’s competition for men in many areas so that there remained almost no room except where women took their role and status and achieved their achievements in competition with men Who is still adhering to his masculine role and which may generate his violent actions against her.

In the current study, the researcher found that statutes have not been able to give women their rights and protect them. However, the fight against violence, as a humanitarian and social phenomenon, is an integrated process in which legal systems, judicial protection, qualitative social culture, economic growth and democratic political stability prevail.

The researcher Maayati recommended:

  1. Establish an independent department to prevent domestic violence and protect family works
  2. Issuing regulations to protect women from domestic violence derived from the provisions of Shari’a and its provisions as limits and restrictions and the like



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