Unemployment and its concept in Islamic thought

Lecturer Dr. Raghad Jamal Al-Azzawi - Researcher Marwa Jamal Al-Azzawi

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Unemployment is one of the most serious economic and social problems that are worsening day by day globally, especially in poor and developing countries. A recent report on globalization and unemployment has revealed that more than one billion people are unemployed in these countries.

Unemployment in the economic sense means stopping work or not being able to work for a person who is capable and willing. It may be real unemployment, convincing unemployment, permanent unemployment, partial or seasonal unemployment and double its harmful effects if it lasts for a long time, especially in times of economic recession. The disintegration of family relations, and the spread of feelings of malaise and depression.

In order to eliminate unemployment in Islamic thought, Islam has affirmed the work as a place that is not devoid of status. It did not happen that a religion of previous religions cared about the value of work and the working individual as did our true religion, which made the work an Islamic duty imposed on every young person or large rich or poor, And that faith in the heart and honesty work, and here link between faith and work in many verses of the Koran as saying: “Those who believe and do good deeds, we do not lose the reward of the best work” [Cave: 30], “Those who believe and do good works was “[9: 9], the faith in good works is passed through diligence, diligence, and the search for sustenance and the reconstruction of the earth.” [Al-Kahf: 107] Also mention: “Those who believe and do good works guide them with their faith.”





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