Domestic violence and its impact on the social peace

Lecturer Dr. Thaer Mahmoud Obaid Al Shujairi - Assistant Lecturer. Bilal Tariq Hussain Al-Shujairi

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Human and family violence is one of the most prevalent types of violence in our time. Some may think that the problem of violence is one of the urgent and modern problems that has emerged in human society recently. It has not existed before. It is one of the phenomena that occurred in society as a result of the evolution and changes that have occurred. And the problem of violence is an old problem and not the result of these developments, which are experienced by society today, but are the old age of humanity, and can be said that the first appearance on the day Cain killed his brother Abel and their story is mentioned in the Koran.

The Holy Quran also emphasized the state of development of violence through its references to the prophets and messengers of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who were subjected to violence in various forms. The research is very important in the face of the violent attack against the people of the Islamic nation targeted, and the spread of the spirit of disagreement and division among the children, and therefore the problem of research is to move away from violence in the family and society in all forms and spread the spirit of cooperation and tolerance among the people of one country, .

The nature of the research required an introduction, three investigations, a conclusion and recommendations.

The first topic dealt with violence and family and the position of Islamic law. The second topic dealt with the motives, causes and types of violence in the family. The third topic dealt with the treatment of violence within the family and society. The research concluded by mentioning the most important findings and recommendations.




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