Measuring psychological stress for juvenile delinquents

Researcher / Safaa Handhal Hazeem Al-Aqili

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The current research aims to identify the psychological stress among juveniledelinquents.
Has been determined by current research juvenile offenders placed in reform schools, the Department of young adult convicts rehabilitation of age (18-22 years) who were sentenced before the age (18 years) and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Iraq), the province of Baghdad Karkh Youth Section of the Year (2016)

Also it included a sample of statistical analysis (250) misdemeanors event. They represent a rate (53%) from the research community, and reached sample application (100) event as it has been delinquent Akhttiaralaantin random way of Statistics (Karkh) events section.

Psychological stress scale Adopt a researcher scale Ugaili (2016) has been adapted to suit the sample as well as the researcher to verify the psychometric properties of the scale.
Find a  number of conclusions and recommendations and proposals have emerged.




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