Raising children to love tolerance

Dr.. Muhammad Hatu Aziz

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The Islamic religion can not ignore the fact that the Muslim man has moral values, the most important of which is tolerance, brotherhood and equality among the members of society and its strata, because the Islamic religion is the religion that originates from a universal global culture that is a culture of divine revelation. It is not surprising that culture is characterized by a cosmic culture that has encouraged acquaintance Support for freedom and human dignity, justice and human rights, and the rights of minorities, all of which fall under the system of values ​​of tolerance, enabling the building of a tolerant society. Many Qur’anic verses have stated tolerance, fraternity and equality among people.

For the simplicity of the research presented, we complete the process of creating tolerance between children and avoiding child violence through two paths

The first is the way of the family and its role in activating and focusing the values ​​of tolerance and other moral values ​​by creating a family atmosphere that avoids the use of violence among family members, and not involving children in the basic family problems, ie problems that arise between father and mother, Competition between them, but to guide children to cooperate in accomplishing their work together.

The second is the school road, which is the second outer uterus after the womb of the family, which is a social institution and the most important institution for raising the child after the family. They complement their role in educating children about the values, goals and customs of the community, transforming them into beings capable of interacting and living with other children. The school plays this role through the curriculum and the training and respect of the system. Respect for time and its importance in their lives and remove class, overlap and integration and ensure equal educational opportunities. Considering that education is a right for all and a right for a child.

A child’s transition from family to school means moving from a small, simple society to a more society that is more connected to life. “A system and laws of costs and duties that are not familiar with relationships of a new kind. New competitions sacrifice many of the features it enjoys. Does not make fun of others and respects those who keep silent at certain times does not get angry in front of the interest of the group does not take more than his share.

In many cases, children’s tolerance is based on family education and religious and moral values ​​in respect of respect and respect for the law and democratic systems that will succeed if the person continues to instill a spirit of tolerance within the family.


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