The role of Quranic stories in promoting tolerance values ​​among students

Dr.. Ruaa Majid Tohme

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This is reflected in the absence of moral values ​​from today’s curricula. We note that today’s family does not take its real role in the field of social and social communication, television and other aspects that contributed to the growing aggressive behavior of children. Educating young people on the right values, but we find that they care more about the educational aspect than the moral and this was born in the double children, they learn without being applied.

The stories, especially the Quranic stories, played a major role in establishing children’s moral values ​​because of their close self-esteem. They develop tolerance values ​​gradually and with great influence in the child. From the research point of view, we should mention some of the conclusions and recommendations as follows:


  1. Quranic stories are one of the most important aspects of the values ​​of tolerance in the minds of the emerging as it works to instill these values ​​in a variety of methods that simulate their imagination, thought and conscience.
  2. The values ​​of tolerance are the cornerstone of individual reform, and specifically the student. When the values ​​of tolerance are instilled in his behavior and thought, this will create a good individual in society.

3 – The need to care for children as the first brick in the development and progress through the establishment of the right religious values ​​as the basis for reform.


  1. It is the duty of the family to work to establish good values ​​within their children as they are the basic building blocks of society.
  2. The school library should be given special attention and given considerable time and space in the curriculum and provided with examples of Quranic stories that encourage values ​​of tolerance, cooperation and other good religious ethics.
  3. Monitor and study the curriculum and delete all that would be called violence and hatred

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