Visual pollution in the city of Kufa

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ali Lifta Saeed

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The urban environment of the most important problems of the cities, especially large and medium-sized cities and the pollution caused     by the increasing number of population in and the resulting increase in pollution of various kinds, including visual pollution. And the environment means a homogeneous unit of the physical world and the man who lives in it and change it by working and develops a daily non-stop through the stages of his life entirely.

The pollution of the environment is a result of the various activities and this pollution leads to adverse effects on the community in the city and works to weaken his energy and abilities productivity. Najaf, the holy city is one of those cities that suffer from this type of pollution due to the steady population increase taking place in this city as a result of the religious importance of the existence of the shrine of Imam Ali (AS). The research found a set of conclusions which, represents a lack of visual pollution manifestations of beauty in the city Ki_oh buildings and the spread of underdeveloped areas and the lack of organization and coordination between elements of the site to the environment surrounding our cities. Beauty evaluated in the city: the beauty of the essence: the beauty resulting from the integration of functionality depends. Appearance and beauty: the beauty of it is caused by the integration of visual performance. The visual pollution can not be measured with an electronic accurate as is the case with other types of pollution, and this is considered a problem by itself when researchers in this field. But finally discovered that this type of pollution can be measured by feelings and emotions that are generated when you are watching a particular stock, which related to the degree of awareness of architectural and artistic sense. The causes of visual pollution in the city of Kufa, in many aspects, including indiscriminate construction and residential slums and traffic jams and Alnviac accumulation and pollution from industrial enterprises


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