The effect of the discussion ring strategy on the development of written expression among the fifth grade pupils

Assistant Lecturer. Beshay Imran Mahmoud

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The goal of current research to know Almsaglh ringed strategy in the development of written expression when the fifth graders.
To achieve this, the researcher elementary peace for boys chose to be an arena for the application of the search experience.
The number of members of the two groups (54 students) of the students, were randomized into two groups (control group and experimental) by (28), a pupil in the experimental group and 26 pupils in the control group
The researcher studied the material expression of the experimental group strategy Almsaglh ring, while the control group studied the material expression in the traditional manner.
After the researcher prepared lesson plans offered models which experts have taken on its final form.
The researcher used statistical methods including: Altaia test (T-test) for two independent samples and Chi-square (Ca 2+), and Pearson correlation coefficient.

It reached a researcher at the end of the experiment to outweigh the students in the experimental group to the control group students in written expression, and the differences were statistically significant differences between students of the two groups (experimental and control), and in favor of the experimental group at the level of (0.05).



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