Sustainable development and environmental friendliness

Lecturer Dr. Qusay Qasim Jayed Falih Al Rikabi

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The environment, its issues, management and protection have attracted the attention of the world as many countries of the world face problems of decline and decrease their savings from natural resources.

Problems of environmental pollution and the risk of extinction of many species of organisms and being not isolated

We have been very concerned about the protection of the environment and the development of its resources and have worked to strike a balance between environmental requirements and considerations.

And development in various fields.

In conclusion, the researcher recommended some recommendations to reduce environmental pollution as follows:

1 – Care of environmental education in formal education and non – formal education and informal education.

  1. Pay adequate attention to target groups in environmental education with a focus on children.

3 – Involvement of specialists in education and psychology in addition to environmental experts in the preparation of scientific and information in environmental education



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