Geographical analysis of the housing problem In the holy city of Najaf

Lecturer Dr. Rahim Muhammad Al-Abdali - Assistant Lecturer. Sulaf Sabri Lifta

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Housing sector in Iraq suffers from a large deficit in the number of housing units, as housing moved from a need during the seventies of the last century to a problem in the eighties and a crisis in the nineties, which led to a severe deficit in the number of housing units in the country. This is the case of the city of Najaf, where it is also among the cities of Iraq, which is witnessing a large and steady increase in the population for recent years, a result of the harbor enjoys the importance of tourism tourism strategy.

The absence of a clear, rational and serious housing policy based on logical considerations led to the emergence of chaos in programs and projects.

Housing policies in the province of Najaf for the period from 2010 to 2013 represented the contribution of the Ministry of Housing and Construction represented by the Directorate of Housing Governorate and Najaf Investment Commission, which shows that the national housing policies and based on the national strategy for housing in Iraq, but we find that the housing policy in the province It relied heavily on the principle of housing construction and neglected the rest of the necessary contributions to the formation of housing policy under the National Housing Strategy.



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