Volunteer work and its role in developing youth and instilling a spirit of love and tolerance among them

lecturer. Dr.. Khaled Jaafar Mubarak - Researcher Abdul Karim Jaafar Al-Kashfi

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Our Islam Muhammadi stressed the importance of the work of the Quran in several verses of the Holy Quran, and promised a national humanitarian service aimed at protecting the homeland and society from any danger that is credible to the Almighty saying: “Cooperate with righteousness and piety and do not cooperate in sin and transgression.” Table 2: Voluntary work is compulsory for those who do not qualify for military service at the age of 20-60 years. And that the volunteer is the person who makes fun of himself voluntarily, without coercion or external pressure to help and support others or to protect the egg of Islam and the homeland in order to carry out work requires effort in order to face the face of God is a good thing, a Muslim resort to his Lord always asked him to support and aid in all affairs, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Like the believers in their prayers, mercy, and compassion, like the body, if a member complained to him, For body fever and fever)).

God made cooperation in all creatures, even in the smallest of them, such as bees, ants and other insects, we see these creatures unite and cooperate in the collection of food, and also unite to repel the enemies. The human being is the first to cooperate with God because of his intellect and thought. The era in which we live is an age of a new type, in which the world moves from absolute hierarchical authority to new negotiating methods, horizontal rather than vertical, more civilized and more complex. This is what the researchers called the third way, which is based on social solidarity and the values ​​of individual and collective initiative, or financial, physical, physical, or intellectual effort, which is offered by the home for satisfaction. And conviction, motivated by his religion, and Lot It is a national humanitarian service aimed at protecting the homeland and its people from any danger, according to the planning controls that include standards and objectives, the development of procedures and rules, maintenance of plans and forecasting future events. The voluntary work and the size The nation has become more involved in voluntary charitable work, and this was evident when our people became embattled. Our fatwa references the jihad and participation in the popular mobilization, which is the name of the people of the people. For volunteering. Joining volunteerism is also a requirement of contemporary life which has led to rapid development and development in all fields, and the importance of voluntary work. Our research focused on three axes:

The first axis / the concept of voluntary work in the Islamic perspective.

The second axis / obstacles of educational volunteer work.

  1. The importance of voluntary work in the upbringing of youth.




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