Unemployment, its causes and methods of treatment (Iraq as a model)

Lecturer. Dr. Wassan Muhammad Ali Kazem - Lecturer.Ahlam Ahmed Issa

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Unemployment is the failure of the individual to exercise any work whether it is a work of gold or mental or other business and whether the non-exercise is the result of personal reasons, or voluntary or non-voluntary. Which is a complex phenomenon in Iraq, especially youth unemployment, which has serious implications for the individual in particular and on Iraqi society in general. The study included studying the concept of unemployment and its types, and then investigating the reasons and methods of treatment because unemployment has geopolitical effects in terms of the political and economic situation of the country, which requires searching for the best and fastest procedures to solve the problem facing the country through the development of treatments proposed to reduce unemployment by adopting a strategy characterized To comprehensively build economy and politics, diagnose youth problems and build a comprehensive and evolving information base



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