The problem of random housing in Iraq between the status quo and the best solution

Lecturer Dr. Hussein Qasim Muhammad Al-Yasiri

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The study tackles the problem of The phenomenon of slums in Iraq, and its development and agreement after 2003, due to the weakness of the relevant regulatory bodies, weak implementation of the law, political and security stability, lack of supply of housing units and poverty. Iraq, except for the Kurdistan region, and takes many forms, including random housing in the empty areas within the city, and housing within government buildings, and crawling towards agricultural land, and this type of areas to the security, economic, social and environmental problems, A number of strategies can be applied according to the circumstances of each governorate, as well as access to some international experiences to benefit from them. We have developed many suggestions, among them the development of some random areas that do not affect the urban fabric of the city. Public and private sector participation, civil society organizations and community participation.



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