Environmental pollution in society

Ass.Prof.Dr.Zina Abdul Mohsen Rashid

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The mother’s womb is the human environment prior to its birth. It derives its growth from embryo, and is affected by the external environment by the effects of its mother. After birth, the home, school and city are considered an environment. The environment expands with the growth of man and the breadth of his goods and the complexity of his requirements. This is why the problem of waste production and dumping, whether gas, liquid, solid, or noise, is one of the problems in which knowledge is intertwined. Levels of pollution control and the administrative tools adopted for this purpose will remain useless unless science and their means are in place.
Pollution is one of the major problems faced by contemporary human beings. It needs to combine all efforts to address and reduce them. The problem is compounded by the fact that human beings have the obvious role in increasing their seriousness through their various activities that have become threatening to human life. As well as their impact on other living organisms, which causes a change in the natural balance of the environment and its various components, both living and non-living.
Pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution, as well as the danger of water contamination due to agricultural wastes from factories and others, and their effects on human health whether in Iraq or the Arab world and the spread of diseases Which has become infected with humans at an early age and lead to its destruction differently than it was in the past, all due to environmental pollution of all kinds.
Therefore, governments should pay attention to the situation of the country and protect the environment from the sources and components of pollution of all kinds and protect the air from pollution by preventing the outbreaks of plants first and stop the process of the use of harmful weapons to the environment in all parts of the world and control water and seizure of pollutants and not allow access to water and the establishment of a pipeline Of these types, and the addition of sterilizers and the provision of necessary health services and this unfortunately is not currently available because of the conditions of terrorism experienced by the country and the endemic and loss that imposed on our dear country the inevitable fate in his forehead since birth.



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